Today is the last day of school. I love this day I will miss my friends. I will like to play on the iPads everyday. My favorite thing at school is play on the iPads. My favorite project is when we did the project with the balloon and bake in soar. I think I did in the school year I think I did good. My favorite memories is when mrs gaffney free time on the iPads and no school. Today i am a car riter.
My favorite memory abiotfnow is Shen she is sleep.i likethewell. Tge I bib like is her. Didn't like her. I will not miss her. This is how you take care of her. Clean her cage,fell her waterborne fead her.
This my moive of the face of the playgrown
  • These are animal that live in the desert a elephant and lion. The plants that live in the desert is a cactus. I miss one animal that live in the desert it is a lizard frog snake . A elephant can go with out water for five days. Lion live in the desert become the predators are small.

It was kind of fun and not fun. The part that was not fun was walking around the zoo. What was fun was eating lunch and going to the gif shop. This is my favorite part when the bird got on Christian dad. We was in groups because we only have like five shaper rons.
My class is on science and we are studding about pained lady and meal worms. One of the grow had a meal worm in a pupa. We had one that was so hard to pickup.